Water Troughs

The indestructible Texas Wildlife Watering System is the ultimate solution for your farm, ranch and wildlife fresh water needs.

These water troughs are ideal for all types of ranch terrains and blend in nicely with any ecosystems. Cattle, deer, exotics, birds and wildlife will all benefit from your use of the Texas Wildlife Watering System water trough. Never will you have to worry about the availability of water to all of the animals on your land. This system will deliver a regulated consistent flow of water to where ever you install a trough.

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Water Troughs

    Water Trough Specifications

  • 35 gallons
  • 1200lb
  • 12" X 36" X 48"
  • Call For Delivery Options
  • Dealer Inquires Welcome
  • $450.00 - per trough
  • $400.00 - 10+ troughs

Texas Water Troughs

Watering troughs designed by ranchers for ranchers. The combination of 4 generations of South and West Texas ranching experience has given us a varied experience with providing water for livestock and wildlife alike.

The migration of large hogs into the West Texas area has brought the problem of tanks and pipelines rooted up and broken. Our watering systems are very heavy and substantial making it next to impossible for a hog to root under it to get to the pipeline.

These are times for conservation and protecting our natural resources with water being our most precious resource on farms and ranches today. Prior issues such as exposed floats were disturbed and broken causing leaky overflowing troughs. In times of water shortages and drought, the totally enclosed trouble-free float system and reduced size of the water trough/surface area allows for less evaporation making this an environmentally economical water trough.